Once an Abugiss, Always an Abugiss

Over 3,000 alumni have now walked across the graduation stage and are making their impact on the world.

We at AburiGirl’s School are proud of you as you move through education into the working world and begin to discover the plan God has in store for you. No matter where your paths may lead, you will always share a common thread as a former AburiGirl’s  student, and be a part of the AburiGirl’s School legacy.

If you are an AburiGirl’s School alum, you are a member of our vibrant alumni association. We hope you’ll get involved, it’s a great way to stay in touch with classmates, friends, and the school. There are no dues to pay or required tasks to perform. And activities often spark friendships among graduates who did not know each at AburiGirl’s.

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Today we have amongst us renowned Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Economists amongst many professions. Through it all we have kept one bond and we remain united and committed to strengthening the sisterhood that started over 25yrs ago.