Welcome Abugiss

Once an Abugiss, Always an Abugiss

Over 3,000 alumni have now walked across the graduation stage and are making their impact on the world.

One of Aburi Girls’ main goals is to promote the interests of its students and the friendly interaction among them after their graduation. Alumnae are a very important part of the Aburi Girls’ family and we strive to offer them a variety of ways to remain connected with each other and the community.

With thousands of alumni worldwide, it is important to maintain the bond between the school and its alumni and to provide them with meaningful ways to interact after leaving Aburi Girls’. A dedicated Association constantly works to develop and improve the relationship between the School and its former students.

Come home to your Alma Mater

Our website presents you with useful information on how to engage with the School and the rest of the alumni body around the world. You can explore different opportunities such as on – and off – campus events, local gatherings, networking possibilities and ways to contribute.

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    Today we have amongst us renowned Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Economists amongst many professions. Through it all we have kept one bond and we remain united and committed to strengthening the sisterhood that started over 25yrs ago.