The school is a boarding school for girls with a student enrolment of between 1,500 and 1,800. Average ages run from 15 in SHS1 to 19 in SHS3. It has a strict Christian foundation and considerable emphasis is placed on Christian training and character formation. Indeed, although great importance is attached to academic achievement, character training, moral education and all-round development of students are considered to be even more important.

Accordingly, great emphasis is laid on the conduct and comportment of the girls in all spheres of school life – in the dormitories, dining hall, during games as well as in the classroom. The girls are encouraged to cultivate habits of self-discipline and self-reliance and to appreciate the dignity of labour and the importance of service to others.

As a Presbyterian institution, the school’s religious practices are based on Presbyterian traditions. However, there is no discrimination against non-Presbyterians in the school’s admission policy. It is expected, however, that all students will take full part in the religious activities of the school and conform to accepted moral standards and codes of behavior. The school expects the full support and co-operation of parents and guardians in the achievement of these objectives.